There are a few reasons why I decided to come to Austin college. My high school would often offer field trips to go around Texas visiting college campuses. Many students would just go for a chance to get out of class but some of us would go because we got to see campuses at the schools expense. On these field trips whenever we went to a big named college like UT Austin, Arlington, or Rice university I always had the same complaint. “The campus is way too big” Yeah I’m kind of lazy but I don’t have a car so being able to walk to all of my classes without being exhausted is important. I also wanted to go to a college that didn’t have too many students.

So when I came to Austin college i thought it was perfect. It satisfied all my criteria. Most of the criteria i described was from personal preference  but a huge extrinsic factor I didn’t mention was that Austin college was also near my home in Dallas only about an hour away which pleased my mother. Her approval of my choice really motivated me to stick with my decision.

If I was to plan a intervention for myself, I would probably try to force myself to look at the financial poverty that college expenses are forcing my family into. Don’t get me wrong I love Austin college but it always hurts when I go home and realize my family had to make sacrifices just so I can get an education. Whenever my motivation is low I try to  keep this in mind so I can do my best in school.


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