Introverts VS Extroverts

This TED talk was really interesting because I’ve never thought about this kind of thing before. That our society today is really geared towards forcing us to be extroverts. For instance if we look at how most schools design their classrooms they often try to encourage students to socialize with each other and get comfortable with the idea of working in groups.

I’m inclined to agree with the assertion that the US values Extroversion over introversion. I agree with this because If we look at american society and our education system one can see that it’s geared toward preparing  its children for leadership roles. Examples of these role are careers in politics and law. American society has a great need for future politicians and judges who can protect the interests of our society. There’s also business, institutions all around america are geared toward training our modern entrepreneurs. We are a country of business and we encourage our students to be charismatic leaders with great world changing ideas.

Despite all this I still think America’s bias towards introversion is bad. Yes their are inherent benefits for helping extroverts flourish but at what cost. Introverts who are not able to conform to this life style will be ostracized and will be less likely to contribute their ideas or views to society. We shouldn’t be content with a society that favors one group of people over the other. One of the core beliefs of american society is equal rights. Everyone should have the same opportunities open to them and shouldn’t be forced to change their behavior,


2 thoughts on “Introverts VS Extroverts”

  1. I talked about a similar aspect of this issue in my blog. The fact that leadership positions in mostly law and politics are so highly valued and encouraged really does give the impression that society cares far less for introverts and the work they do.
    I think a lot of the bias has to do with the fact that productivity is seen as going outside and doing stuff with your life out in the world, even though you can be just as productive, if not more, without ever leaving the house. Once people realize that we can do just as much while sitting at home on the computer (even if it’s just blogging as part of a homework assignment), then we’ll be able to go in the right direction of valuing the jobs that introverts do more.


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