Marijuana Legalize it or Not?

Personally i don’t care too much for Marijuana  when people are smoking it they tend to do it in excess instead of in moderation. It smells foul and the smell tends to linger. That being said i don’t think marijuana should be this vilified. In this article the author argues that  Marijuana should be treated like alcohol and tobacco. I agree and think that we should make it that marijuana can only be lawfully purchased at the age of 18 or 21. People who are under its effects should not be allowed to drive or operate heavy machinery. The reason I think marijuana should be legalized is because a part of the reason why people smoke it in such excess is because they have to do so in moderate secrecy and as such can’t do it that often.

This article argues that marijuana should not be legalized because it provide no actual health benefits but instead causes long term health problems. I disagree with t his article because like all things long term health problems occur due to substance abuse. There are serious health concerns with tobacco and Alcohol with long term use but apparently marijuana is “addictive”. First of all I don’t think this is a valid point for their argument. If we follow their line of logic then technically alcohol should be illegal. Alcohol is addictive and have very lethal effects if used in excess and is a major cause in automobile accidents.

Honestly though I understand why people are so set against it. We have treated it as a social vice for so long that its going to take a while before people are willing to openly trust it.


2 thoughts on “Marijuana Legalize it or Not?”

  1. I agree with your statement that marijuana is not used in moderation, unless of course they are on a tight budget, ex. college students. That can be a problem. Students will spend all there money on weed instead of necessitates. Or they might spend their whole day high instead of doing homework and studying. I also agree that if the government decides to legalize it that they should set an age limit, although that won’t stop any underage users. I think it should be used for medicinal use under adult super vision if the patient is under age. It should be treated like any other prescription medicine. Although this confuses me because we are not supposed to take our prescription pills “recreationally” because that would be harmful and illegal. So why should marijuana be used recreationally and medicinally?
    I actually chose the same article as your second one, except I used the website that stated where he got his facts from. I also completely disagree with the article.


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