Learning Styles

So after following the instructions of the blog prompt and taking both the tests to indicate my learning style. I’m slightly Active and lean heavily towards global, visual, and Intuitive. I’ve taking a lot of personality and learning style tests before but I have to say these tests weren’t exactly extensive. I’m used to these types of test being really long so I’m left to wonder how effective these new tests may be. I could be wrong and there might be a cut off point were a test is too long and the participant starts rushing , which may be the case since the results from these tests seem to match the results i usually get.

I sometimes find it difficult to study with my preferred learning style because a lot of the course work  in my major are more oriented towards a heavy amount of text and readings (Political science Major). Being a global learner does help me when i’m trying to explain or remember how a country interacts with other countries or what overall goal they tend to pursue. I’m not sure if its just the courses i’m taking but generally my college does a good job of using a lot of visuals in their lectures which helps me focus. I know one of my non lab science courses uses a mixture of power point slides, videos rarely, and actually handing the class objects to pass around and touch. This making it really easy for me to follow along with the lecture. Again my personal experience may not have been the same for other students at my college.


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