What is so special about the human brain?

First before you read this post if the theory of evolution offends your personal or religious beliefs than please don’t read this post. I do not want to cause trouble. I’m writing this post because it is an academic necessity for me.

Suzana Herculano a Neuroscientist discusses what makes the human brain special and why is it that we have cognitive thought. I chose this ted talk because one of my professors talked about this subject briefly and I wanted to hear more about it from a fresh perspective. In the ted talk Suzana explains how for years scientists have studied animal brains trying to figure out why humans are at the top of the food chain and what sets us apart from them. Humans and are primates, and like primates we have a large amount of neurons. The difference between us and primates however is energy consumption. We can find and eat food rich in energy easily. While primates on average have to eat 8 hours a day.

The topic was presented clearly and in my opinion was easy to approach. Suzana  Herculano was well informed and from what I can tell her research was very credible. What she presented is supported by findings and the logic behind her presentation made sense.

What i think was interesting about this was how similar our brain structure is to primates like chimpanzees and Gorillas. I’m also curious what other factors contribute to our position in nature. Like what allowed us to even conceive the ideas of fire, tools, art, philosophy.

I really recommend checking this ted talk out.


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