Introduction post

Hello my name is Jamarquis (ja-mar-cus) and I am an international relations major and media minor. I wanted to take this class because I took a psych course in high school and wanted to explore the subject more in depth.

The three topics I thought would be the most interesting was Memory Retrieval, Encoding, and moral development.

I’m very interested in memory and how the brain works. Like how memories are formed and how memories can let you re experience events in our lives and have emotional responses to them. I also think it would be cool to find out how a person develops their beliefs and morals.

Topics that I’m least interested in would be Sleep, Drugs alcohol & the brain, and stress. It’s not that I hate these topics or am offended by them its just that these are topics that have been covered often and it gets kind of old. Sleep and stress are topics that I have heard a lot of in high-school and I would prefer to talk about something new. When it comes to Drugs and Alcohol people often use the same arguments and take predictable sides which isn’t their fault I just wish they had a fresh perspective.

One question i would like to be able to answer is how humans can associate senses like taste, touch, and smell with memories. You know like what causes a person to have a nostalgic moment or feeling.


One thought on “Introduction post”

  1. Hopefully there will be some fresh information about those topics you’re least excited about. We’ll definitely talk about what sparks memories and why certain senses are more tied to memory than others.


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